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Elevator Law

In 2014, I traded an urban life in Calgary for the dream of a backyard garden, neighbours I knew, a 5-minute commute to the office, and more time with family in my wife’s hometown of Olds, Alberta.


7 years, 3 kids, and many backyard harvests later, I felt the traditional small town law firm could be reimagined. Over the course of years of client meetings around Mountain View County, I began to envision a model focused primarily on wills and estates for clients throughout rural Alberta. A model that would leverage technology, value the client experience, and help more rural Albertans protect their life’s work with the guidance of a lawyer focused primarily on estate planning for the modern family.


In 2020, the obstacle became the way when the Covid-19 Pandemic forced a change to many laws in Alberta, allowing for the signing of Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorneys and Personal Directives through video conferencing. Where a firm was once limited to in-person signing appointments and clients within driving distance, it was now free to advise and connect with anyone throughout Alberta with a reliable internet connection.


What you’ve saved matters. What you’ve raised matters. What you’ve dreamed and created from your kitchen table matters. I know, because I’ve been there. You’ve worked your entire life to reach this point, and our mission is to protect whatever matters to you the most. We would be honoured to hear your origin story and discuss how Elevator Law can help protect your legacy.

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I have practiced in Mountain View County since 2014, with a mixed practice of Real Estate, Wills and Estates. Elevator Law marks my decision to go narrow and deep over wide and shallow, and to devote the majority of my practice to succession planning and estate administration for Rural Albertans.​


Elevator Law’s mission is to be the model Rural Alberta Practice in the 21st Century. We believe in using the tools of 2021, not 1921 in our practice. We have a growth mindset, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We exist to make a dent in the statistics on the number of Albertans without basic estate plans. And we’re just getting started.​


At Elevator Law, our Why is to leave things better than we found them. An easier client-experience, a leaner law firm, greater access to professional legal advice throughout Rural Alberta - these are the legacies that Elevator Law seeks to leave.​

protect your life's work

I’m Dan McPherson, a lawyer in Olds, Alberta. I am focused on Wills and Estates for Rural Albertans because we’ve all worked too hard in life to leave things unprotected. What you’ve saved matters. What you’ve raised matters. What you’ve dreamed and built from your kitchen table matters. I would be honoured to help protect your life’s work.

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RU・RAL [ˈru̇r(-ə)l]

1. of or relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture

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